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Effol® Maul-Butter can help encourage a soft mouth and bit acceptance in horses. Applied to either or both the bit and corners of the horse’s lips, Effol Mouth Butter can help reduce bit friction and pinching, and can soothe irritations caused by the bit. This innovative product ensures that the bit is able to slide easily which helps to make it comfortable in the horse's mouth. Comes in two delicious flavors sure to please any horse. Whether you get the apple or banana flavor your horse will love the fresh taste which can also stimulate the chewing activity. Because many horses have a sensitive mouth and a tendency towards cracked skin, this mouth butter can help protect the sensitive areas and care for the sensitive skin by keeping it supple with high-quality care substances such as allantoin, zinc oxide and Peru balsam.

Effol Maul- Butter

$24.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
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